Torrid Paintball sponsors local tournament teams and paintball clubs
in the Maryland and DC Metro Area.

The following will be required for Torrid Paintball to consider a team for sponsorship:
  • Must be local to Maryland, Northern Virginia, or DC
  • Have a team banner
  • Provide a team and player bio including: current team roster, schedule of events to attend for the year, monthly team service day, and a 4-month practice schedule
  • Purchase team sponsorship package

Sponsorship will begin after the terms have been discussed and a contract has been signed.​

Want to join one of our sponsored teams?

Email the team contact below... but first make sure you possess the following:

  • Only serious players apply
  • Must have own equipment
  • Must be able to practice on weekends
  • Must be able to get along with others
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to afford to play
  • Prior tournament experience is a plus, but not necessary
Team TPS
Looking for dedicated local players to compete in the following tournament categories:
3-Man, 5-Man, 7-Man, Under 17, NXL, Race, SPPL, UWL, and MilsimCorps

Need a field for practices, tryouts, fund raisers, or scrimmages?

Rent a field: $150.00 plus tax for 3 hours
​$15.00 plus tax, per player includes air fills.

Field paint only

Purchase 10 or more cases, get:
 -additional discount
 -additional 2 hours of field use