Important Notice
Any Paintball Marker coming into Torrid Paintball Sports must be in a bag or box (preferably in a Paintball Marker Bag or Case) as well as the following items REMOVED from the MARKER: hopper or loader, paintballs, air system unless a non-removable system, and barrel unless there is an approved barrel blocking or covering device on or over the barrel. If these precautions are not taken, the marker "WILL NOT" be allowed in the store.

Terms of Services
Provided we have parts available most equipment will be serviced within 3-5 business days. In some cases, products may be set to the manufacturer recommended settings.
All dirty equipment brought in for servicing will be subjected to an additional CLEANING FEE. Customers will be notified of any additional charges before the tech will continue work. With customer authorization, additional labor fees and cost of parts may be applied to third party inspections if servicing is necessary. Any items left over 30 days after notification of services rendered will be charged and additional $5 a week and fraction there of for storage. Any markers not picked up within 90 days (3 months after notification) will be considered abandoned and become the property of TPS. Only undamaged certified Paintball tanks, including the tank's valve, that are within the DOT certification date will be filled. Customers will be charged for any missing or damaged tank valve o-ring that prevents the proper and safe filling of the tank.

Services Provided and Rates
YES we fill Paintball certified CO2 tanks up to 24 ozs. and high pressure paintball tanks up to 4500 psi.
TPS will only fill tanks with the tank and tank valve undamaged and are within the DOT certification date.
Customers will be charged for replacement of missing or damaged tank valve o-rings, gauges, or burst discs which prevents the proper and safe fill of tanks.

Labor / Install / Inspection / Bench Fees
-Regulator Servicing- $15.00
-Accessory Installation- $10-$30
-Mechanical Marker Servicing- $29.95
-Electronic Marker Servicing- $39.95
-Express Service, service within 48 hrs- $15.00*
-Same day service, service within same business day provided marker is received within an hour of store opening or 24hrs of receipt- $25.00*

Service is not guaranteed on holidays.
Service maybe limited to the availability of parts.

​*This service is mainly provided for equipment that TPS currently stocks. 

Cleaning and Inspection Fees
Markers- $25 includes a detailed cleaning, lubing, and inspection of all marker parts and o-rings.
Regulators- $15 includes a detailed cleaning, lubing, and inspection of all marker parts and o-rings.

Third Party Sales and Inspection Fees
Sales- $30.00 includes: inspection, 3X5 card with specs of equipment on our bulletin board, listing on our website, 
and sale of product.
Inspection- Up to $25. This fee may very on type of equipment but will not exceed $25. If necessary and upon approval 
of both parties, additional charges may be applied, i.e. parts, labor, and / or shipping and handling, to render the 
product sellable / useable.

Tank Testing Fees
TPS now offers 3rd party Hydro-static Tank Testing for both CO2 and High Pressure Air Systems.
Almost all HPA systems must be re-tested 5 years from their manufacture date, some HPA systems are 3 years. All CO2 tanks are 5 years.
The Tank Testing Process can be completed within 10 business days, within 5 business days for express, or within 24 hrs not including weekends.
The Testing process is a 2 part process.
The first part is visual inspections of: the outer casing of the tank for damage, the inside the tank for corrosion, and the integrity of the neck threads.
The second part is the actual "Hydro" Test for pressure integrity.

Not all tanks will pass the 2 part Tank Testing Process.
Most tanks that fail the testing process is usually from the visual inspection step.
Tank regulators may be damaged in the removal process due to excessive thread lock during installation process. TPS is "NOT" responsible for damaged regulators due to this and considers an un-removable regulator part of the life time of the system.
Tanks that fail the testing process will be returned "UNUSABLE" and the customer will not be charge for the testing process.

HPA Tanks- $35.00
CO2 Tanks- $15.00

Cost of parts required to get the job done.

Extended Warranty
$99.99 - TPS offers a limited lifetime in store warranty for markers not purchased through TPS.
Markers must first be inspected before being approved for warranty.
Upon approval and warranty purchase, the marker will receive the same benefits as if it was purchased through TPS.
Cost of warranty may vary from marker to marker.