Kid-Friendly Package includes:
Barrel Cover
helps carry any 
extra paintballs
$8.00 For Rent, per player
Additional items FOR SALE:
while supplies last
Fingerless Gloves
keeps your knuckles safe while allowing room to use the trigger
$8.00 For Sale, per player 
Additional items FOR RENT:
while supplies last
Chest Protector
$5.00 For Rent, per player 
Neck Protector
$2.00 For Rent, per player 
Full Head Protection
$7.00 For Rent, per player 
provides additional comfort protection to top and back of head.  Great for younger players and people with shaved heads
Paintball Grenade
pull the pin and toss it, it'll spin and spray paint see video here
$8.00 For Sale, per player 
500 rnds of Paintballs
$26.50 For Sale

4 bags of 500 Paintballs 
$84.80 For Sale

Paper Jumpsuit
disposable, keeps your clothes and car clean, provides some protection when running thru the woods
​$7.42 For Sale, per player
All online pre-purchases must be made before 11am on the Wednesday before your event date.  All online pre-purchases are subject to availability.  Must notate your Group Name and Event Date in the "Instructions to Merchant" section.

  • play 1.5hrs
  • 300 paintballs, per player
  • mask rental
  • marker rental
  • air tank rental with all-day air
  • barrel cover
  • private referee
  • private field

Must be booked no later than 10 days 
before your event date.

300 rounds of low impact paintballs, per player

  • play 1.5hrs
  • 300 paintballs, per player
  • mask rental
  • marker rental
  • air tank rental with all-day air
  • barrel cover
  • private referee
  • private field

Must first check for availability.
Must be booked no later than 3 days 
before your event date.
Must notate the following in the "Instructions to Merchant" section:
  • Group Name
  • Event Date
Advantages of booking a Kid-Friendly Private Group Event with paintball thru Torrid Paintball

More playing time                                             Clean, safe, and family-oriented area 
More paintballs per player                                  All events include referee(s)
Option for catered meals (Clarksburg Only)         3 session start times: 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm
Can bring own birthday cake                           

Scroll down for package pricing and details.


Step 1 - Call for availability
Call the event coordinator 301-528-4155 or email for available event dates and times.
Please allow for at least 48 hours response time or 2 business days.

Step 2 - Book your event​
Once availability has been confirmed book your event using the Package Headings below. A minimum $20 deposit per player will be required to complete the booking process.You will receive a confirmation email with waiver information. You may pay off the remaining balance no later that 2 days before the event online or at the facility the day of your event. Provided everyone shows up for the event the deposit will be applied to the player's package 1 for 1. No shows will lose their deposit.

​Step 3 - fill out waivers
All players must have an e-waiver filled out. Make sure to fill out the waiver under your group leader's name.
All players 17 and under must also include the parental consent waiver.
We prefer you bring your waivers filled out with you, but there will be additional waivers at the field if you should need some.

Step 4 - show up on time
Show up 1 hour before your scheduled play time. This allows time for registration and safety briefing. Events start and end on time... so please be on time. If you're late, we cannot guarantee full session playing time. If we're running late, you will still get your full playing time.

​Step 5 - have fun
​Scroll down for detailed player package information and payment options and add-on items.

​Please note:
NO discounts for players in Kid-Friendly Group Events with their own equipment.
Said players will also need to follow the guidelines as if they are rental players and must use field supplied paintballs only [no outside paintballs allowed].
  • 1.5 hrs of play
  • Private Referee
  • Private Field
Kid-Friendly Package     [ages 10-13]
$350 + tax,  package for up to 10 players
Pay-Off Outstanding Amount, 
Per Player, After Deposit
$27.18, per player 

Use this to pay-off your outstanding amount per player... only after you've already paid the deposit amount per player. 
Add-On Players    [ages 10-13]
over the initial 12- Kid-Friendly Package
$35 + tax, per player